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Thursday, 17 July 2008

Las Vegas, Nevada. Sin City. Atomic Blast. Cocktails.

Las Vegas, Nevada. Personally I can't get enough of that Retro style , not because I think it's kitch, I actually really, really like it. Anything from 1951 to around 1982ish is good for me. Each decade has something to interest me, with this image it's the 50s. Not being around in that particular decade means it is distant enough to be a strange and exotic place for me. I'm gradually exploring some of these things in my work and there's a lot more to look at. So in this case its Las Vegas, Sin City and cocktails while the bombs explode. Imagine it, Las Vegas used to advertise that you could go there and see the Atomic tests going off in the desert, what a selling point!
An excellent book about America in the 1950s is Bill Brysons "The Life and times of the Thunderbolt Kid" , as good a book about a childhood as you'll ever read. I read it a couple of weeks ago in a weekend and it fitted perfectly with the Rock Shore 'Cody Jet' character I'm working on. A naive decade in some respects and no less charming for that, even if there was Cold War and nuclear bunkers were everywhere, but you knew that heroes like Captain Video [never saw this one here in England, but I'm watching the DVD as I write], Casey Jones and Roy Rogers would save us-either from aliens or commies or bandits.
Get yourself an Atomic Cocktail from Slim Gaillard and wait for the wind to blow...


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