Blokkhed Animation

Friday, 21 November 2008

Patterns and Happy Heds. Illustration and Character Design

I like these patterns made from my early Hed designs. I've worked on many 'theme and variations' in my work and a common theme has been the head form. This simple head shape was quite a bit inspired by Art Deco [not that it shows particularly] I have many variants on this work and rather than it languishing in my files unseen, I will be putting some of it up here and over in Coroflot and Cpluv.

Ps: Spot the unhappy Hed in all this manic happiness.


Cpluv Blokkhed


Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Little Red Hed. 3D Modelling Animation. Carrara.

Another still of the Little Red Hed being intimidated by these evil steel men. I'll keep putting up some images from this project. Carrara is a good software and is nice to use. It's a good one to start with so I recommend it. This scene show the little man in the steel world, he also lands in a stone world a water world and an ice world [among others]. This is one of those 'unfinished' projects that i seem to have, I'm too busy with the Blokkhed Robot at the moment [working on more vehicles and environments at the moment], but I hope to resurrect him one day.


Monday, 10 November 2008

The Magician. Zoltan. Poster. Magic.

Yes, "Zoltan plays a trick". He will dazzle and amaze you, you won't believe your eyes, it can't be true, but it is.
Is he simply a magician, a master of "Leger de main", or is he something more?


Sunday, 9 November 2008

The Little Red Man. 3D Characters. Hed.

This is a little red man and he's having trouble with these steel men. I worked on a now [temporarily] abandoned 3D animated film telling the adventures of this little Hed. The story has him landing on a world with Heds made of different materials-stone, metal, ice etc. In this image he is in a world of steel heds. I worked with Carrara software which is a good one to work with. I did an enormous amount of work on this project but other things got in the way so I hope to go back to it one day.
I may continue with this project at some stage and I'll post some more examples as and when I get the chance-and maybe some clips.