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Thursday, 26 June 2008

Dan Dare, Hero with a Square Jaw

Dan Dare at the Science Museum in London. An excellent [but not massive] exhibition that looks at the new technological world of the 1950s that Frank Hampsons creation [from the Eagle comic] reflected. I like the optimistic viewpoint that the imagery has. The future was positive-and Nuclear! This was the atomic age and would solve all our problems [ironically with oil shortages it is coming back] Of course it was part of the post-war rebuilding and obviously people were literally starting again after the horrors of the war. The festival of Britain in 1951 was part of that and I love Abram games work for the festival. Dan Dare was a square jawed hero who would become out dated when the anti-heroes of the 1960s came along, but the boys own heroics and Frank hampsons moral standpoint is something that we could do with today. It was a shame that they never made a film of it-imagine the 1950s retro styling, fantastic!
We could do with heroes like Dan now, but they would probably claim Dan and Digby were gay! I suppose we live in a cynical age and heroes are made in shades of grey and nothing is black and white anymore-apart from Michael jackson of course..


Sunday, 22 June 2008

Classic Film Poster "The Kid from Space"

Just discovered this poster dated 1952 and used for the European release [we think]. This really emphasises Motaman and his part in the success of the movie. Its a bit faded and worn but a beauty anyway-very rare, in fact it was thought that none actually existed!

Monday, 16 June 2008

Rocky Shore is an Alien "The Kid from Space"

Here he is, Rocky Shore a 1950s child actor in his first movie from 1951. "The kid from Space" is about an alien boy who lands on a small farm in the mid-west with his robot friend "Motaman". Rocky stars as "Cody Jet" the space kid and the film shows how Cody fits in [or doesn't] with his neighbours and his new family [who are hypnotised by motaman into thinking Cody is their son].
The film is a classic piece of Cold war sci-fi, looking at the fear and paranoia of the time but it also explores how American society was at that time and shows that maybe we are all a bit weird really and who is to say what is alien and what is not, or as Cody says "Golly jet Motaman but these people are out of this world!".
Believe in Cody Jet, The Kid from Space !
For positive space age imagery look at Chesley Bonestell hed did the concepts, matte paintings and backdrops for Forbidden Planet.

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Retro Blokkhed

I've added a new gallery to the website. Its all about retro imagery, I wanted to explore some more pure 'illustration' that was more figurative than anything I've produced so far. The new images were made over May so its been quick work [for me that is]. I have a few themes that I want to work on and its going to be fun exploring them. The 50s space race and 'modern' design are influences. From Tiki [buy this book by Sven Kirsten, its superb]to the 'atomic age' imagery, I just love it all. A particular character I'm working on is Rocky Shore [or maybe Shaw], I've put him into his first film "The Kid from Space" from 1951 [see website], and I intend doing a series where he appears in different types of movies throughout the 50s-70s. This will allow me to do various types of imagery and styles. How much fun is that?


Monday, 2 June 2008

BLOKKHED. Satan takes a Holiday

Its been too long since I blogged on here. The other life I lead [that is in education, not as a superhero] has taken away most of may, but now that june is with is us I felt it was time to get back to some other work. I'm going to add new galleries to the site soon highlighting some new work. I'm working on various things at present but here's a taste of where I'm going at the moment. That is until I change direction again, which could happen any minute !
Ps I'm not a satanist don't worry. "Satan takes a holiday" is a song title that I liked the sound of.