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Monday, 22 December 2008

Merry Christmas. Blokkhed. Robots. BotHeds

Merry Christmas one and all from The Blokkhed. I know these BotHeds aren't exactly Christmassy, but it's the thought that counts.
There'll be more from Blokkhed in 2009. . .

Cpluv Blokkhed

Saturday, 13 December 2008

Cinema 4D. 3D Character Design. Lord Darkk.

This is the first test image of a new character I'm working on. This is 'Lord Darkk', he's modelled in Cinema 4D and textured with Bodypaint. He is my first 'organic' character and I'm pleased with this so far, he's going to be somewhat Gothic and a bit of a Dandy. There's clothing and environments to work on and I'll post more versions as he develops, this could be a major project which I'm looking forward to working on.


Cpluv Blokkhed

Friday, 12 December 2008

More Happy Heds. Pantone. Pattern.

More manic Happy Heds. This time someone is shocked and surprised, well who wouldn't be with all these crazy little men? I feel like putting more of these images out and I'll try to do more before Christmas. I'm also working on a book of Blokkhed designs which I'm hoping to produce in the new year.


Cpluv Blokkhed

Monday, 1 December 2008

T Shirt Designs.

Here are some ideas for T shirt designs. I've put them in National colours, England and Italian. I have a number of designs and ideas in this work and I'll post some more in future weeks.


Friday, 21 November 2008

Patterns and Happy Heds. Illustration and Character Design

I like these patterns made from my early Hed designs. I've worked on many 'theme and variations' in my work and a common theme has been the head form. This simple head shape was quite a bit inspired by Art Deco [not that it shows particularly] I have many variants on this work and rather than it languishing in my files unseen, I will be putting some of it up here and over in Coroflot and Cpluv.

Ps: Spot the unhappy Hed in all this manic happiness.


Cpluv Blokkhed


Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Little Red Hed. 3D Modelling Animation. Carrara.

Another still of the Little Red Hed being intimidated by these evil steel men. I'll keep putting up some images from this project. Carrara is a good software and is nice to use. It's a good one to start with so I recommend it. This scene show the little man in the steel world, he also lands in a stone world a water world and an ice world [among others]. This is one of those 'unfinished' projects that i seem to have, I'm too busy with the Blokkhed Robot at the moment [working on more vehicles and environments at the moment], but I hope to resurrect him one day.


Monday, 10 November 2008

The Magician. Zoltan. Poster. Magic.

Yes, "Zoltan plays a trick". He will dazzle and amaze you, you won't believe your eyes, it can't be true, but it is.
Is he simply a magician, a master of "Leger de main", or is he something more?


Sunday, 9 November 2008

The Little Red Man. 3D Characters. Hed.

This is a little red man and he's having trouble with these steel men. I worked on a now [temporarily] abandoned 3D animated film telling the adventures of this little Hed. The story has him landing on a world with Heds made of different materials-stone, metal, ice etc. In this image he is in a world of steel heds. I worked with Carrara software which is a good one to work with. I did an enormous amount of work on this project but other things got in the way so I hope to go back to it one day.
I may continue with this project at some stage and I'll post some more examples as and when I get the chance-and maybe some clips.


Friday, 31 October 2008

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

The Shadow. Radio. Mystery. Illustration. Poster 1930s.

I forgot about this close-up of The Shadow. I thought it deserved to be seen and I think its much stronger than the original as posted earlier. I've just put a gallery onto coroflot, which does sound like a russian airline but is in fact a very cool illustration and design site where you can put your portfolio. So take a look and get your own work on there.


Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Zoltan The Magnificent. Magician. Illusionist. Poster.

Zoltan the Magnificent.
Zoltan is a Magician [like Mandrake] and an Illusionist, he solves crimes and defeats evildoers using his unearthly skills in the black arts. He is aboard the Ocean Liner "The Venturer" out of San Francisco bound for Shanghai. This is "The Voyage of Death", but who will survive this terrible voyage?
Zoltan knows. . . Zoltan sees everything. . . He is . . . Zoltan the Magnificent.


Thursday, 25 September 2008

"The Shadow Knows". Illustration. Poster. Illustrator

Here is "The Shadow" in another version. He knows the evil that lurks in the hearts of men. Evildoers beware, The Shadow, 'Lamont Cranston' will seek you out and make you pay.
He was more of an avenging angel than a hero and I find him a more interesting character for that, not a corny square jawed hero, but a flawed anti-hero, walking the line between good and evil. I may do some more of the shadow and other pulp heroes like Doc Savage. It's nice to pay homage to what was a golden age, possibly a more simple and naive era [are we really so sophisticated?] but an era that says a lot to us today. I still have some way to go with this work and I want to capture a feel of the era without resorting to copying the originals [which I know are better] I'm not there yet and I'm enjoying myself and there's more to do.
So don't forget that "the weed of crime bears bitter fruit, crime does not pay! ", The Shadow Knows. . . . . .


Tuesday, 23 September 2008

The Shadow. Radio. Mystery. Illustration. Poster 1930s.

"The Shadow knows the evil that lurks in the minds of men" The Shadow started as a radio announcer for Detective Story Hour, he became more popular than the stories he was introducing and became the main character. Written by Walter B Gibson and played by Orson Welles on radio [only for a year]. As well as the radio plays which ran from 1931 to 1954, The Shadow appeared in pulp magazines, serials and movies.
The character has that air of weirdness and mystery that I find really interesting, he had the ability to "cloud mens minds" to make himself invisible. There is a mixture of fantasy as well as detective mystery here that has similarities to Fantomas and Doc Savage, these characters are not super-heroes' but do have unnatural powers. They are prototype super-heroes and Lester Dent [writing as Kenneth Robeson] who created Doc Savage [to cash in on The Shadows success] could be said to have started the super-hero. I want to do more on both The Shadow and Doc Savage, so that gives me more projects to work on. I wasn't intending doing so much on the 1930s but its nice when ideas come and you just have to go with it don't you?


Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Robot. Gort. Cinema 4D. 3D. Blokkhed

This is the 3D design for my Robot, I've shown the mesh and the final colours and lighting, he's only got three fingers and a thumb [well three was enough for Mickey]. He started as an experiment in using Cinema 4D, which I have found to be an excellent tool. Its intuitive and you can work quickly and get results. It was certainly a learning curve working in 3D. Working out joints and modeling and materials and lighting all are fascinating. It might look like it was inspired by Iron Man, actually he wasn't, if anything Gort from "The Day the Earth Stood Still" was a [sub-conscious] inspiration. This work got me into looking at Japanese Gundam, which I had never seen before [or really taken much notice of]. This was an eye opener to see just how much there is going on in that Mecha world. I've even bought a number of the kits, from Orbital Manga and Gundammad [something I hadn't touched for 30 yrs] which have been fun to work with. I'll be posting more of this "BlokkBot" as he is known in my house. I haven't worked on him for a while because of the more recent work, but there's actually a lot more to look at so it will be good to put it out here. July and August saw me producing completely new work [see previous] and its good to have all these styles on the go, even if some things get put to one side a little too often..


Wednesday, 3 September 2008

The Blue Lotus. Shanghai. 1930s.

The Blue Lotus was a real opium den in old Shanghai [as well as being a TinTin book of course]. With these pictures I'm trying to evoke the world of the pre-war thirties, there's more to do and lots of themes to pursue, travel, exotica, Catalina planes, steamships, shady ports at dead of night, adventure and mystery.


Wednesday, 27 August 2008

The Green Gang. Shanghai. Opium.

Shanghai was the original Sin City due to its association with Opium and vice. This image is about the Green Gang in old Shanghai which was under the leadership of Du Yuesheng [known as 'Big Ears'].
There's a bit of Art Deco again here as well as other influences [I watched Marlene Dietrich in Shanghai Express recently which was beautiful to look at-and a great film of course].
I'm trying different things out at the moment and this is a companion image to the one in the previous post. I hope to do more in this vein again.


Monday, 11 August 2008

Shanghai. Sin City. Poster. Glamour. Danger. Art Deco

Shanghai, the original Sin City. The 1920s and 30s was an era of turmoil with enormous social and political changes taking place. Shanghai had an aura of both glamour and danger which is so evocative of the period [the rule of the Green Gang is something I'll hopefully explore later]. Art Deco was again partial inspiration as was the imagery of Shanghai and China in the movies of the period like Lost Horizon and Shanghai Gesture.


Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Art Deco Poster. 1930s Radio Mystery.

The Stroller, Art Deco style. Who is he? Why does he stalk the streets at night? What mysteries does he explore?
It started as a Pulp style character but has now become more art deco, which is ok with me. I'll explore the Stroller again some other time, maybe even take a look at his face...maybe...


Pulp Fiction. The Shadow. The Whistler. Fantomas. 1930s Radio Mystery. "The Stroller" in the Fog.

The Stroller in the Fog. Radio Mystery 1930s style. In the vein of The Shadow, Fantomas, The Whistler and all the Pulp Fiction mystery detectives/thieves/strange characters that proliferated then. The Stroller patrols the night and narrates strange stories of weirdness and danger. The Stroller lives in the fog and disappears like a thief in the night. Who is the Stroller?


Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Art Deco. Poster. Suspense. Pulp Fiction. 1930s Radio mystery. "The Stroller"

"The Stroller" in The Night of Lost Souls. An enigmatic and ghostly character who introduces and narrates strange stories of mystery and suspense. The Stroller is in the same pulp style as The Whistler and the The Shadow. I really like the 'strange' stories of weird suspense and "The Stroller" is as enigmatic. The poster is in an art deco style and colours. Using a limited palette is interesting to do and Ludwig Hohlwein and Spanish deco were also inspirations.
Who is The Stroller? Where does he come from? All may be revealed at some time.


Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Exotica. Kitsch. Les Baxter. 1950s. Safari on Saturn.

Safari on Saturn. The song that Les Baxter should have recorded. Exotica, Retro, Kitsch, there's nothing wrong with any of it as far as I'm concerned, so let's go on "Safari on Saturn".


Thursday, 24 July 2008

Atomic Power. Nuclear. 1950s. Our friend Mr Atom.

When the oil finally runs out Mr Atom may well be our friend. The future is coming and Mr Atom will save us, or will he?


Thursday, 17 July 2008

Las Vegas, Nevada. Sin City. Atomic Blast. Cocktails.

Las Vegas, Nevada. Personally I can't get enough of that Retro style , not because I think it's kitch, I actually really, really like it. Anything from 1951 to around 1982ish is good for me. Each decade has something to interest me, with this image it's the 50s. Not being around in that particular decade means it is distant enough to be a strange and exotic place for me. I'm gradually exploring some of these things in my work and there's a lot more to look at. So in this case its Las Vegas, Sin City and cocktails while the bombs explode. Imagine it, Las Vegas used to advertise that you could go there and see the Atomic tests going off in the desert, what a selling point!
An excellent book about America in the 1950s is Bill Brysons "The Life and times of the Thunderbolt Kid" , as good a book about a childhood as you'll ever read. I read it a couple of weeks ago in a weekend and it fitted perfectly with the Rock Shore 'Cody Jet' character I'm working on. A naive decade in some respects and no less charming for that, even if there was Cold War and nuclear bunkers were everywhere, but you knew that heroes like Captain Video [never saw this one here in England, but I'm watching the DVD as I write], Casey Jones and Roy Rogers would save us-either from aliens or commies or bandits.
Get yourself an Atomic Cocktail from Slim Gaillard and wait for the wind to blow...


HotRods and Horror. "The HotRod from Hell" 1959

The HotRod from Hell. 1959 An Epic/MotoRama production cashing in on the Hotrod, Rock and Roll and horror exploitation genres. This was Rocky in his late teens and trying to get away from potential typecasting as a child actor.
We hope to uncover more imagery from this time and Rockys earlier works in 1950s TV and film appearances-such as: Teenagers from Space [1954], Cowboy Cody Jet [1955]. . .


Thursday, 10 July 2008

Sci-fi Movie Poster "Crash Landing"

Crash Landing. The first poster in the Kid from Space serial. It shows the space suited Cody having walked from his crashed ship. It was a bit of a teaser so they kept Rockies face a secret.


Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Robot, Metal Man, 1950s Sci-fi poster.

Another poster from the "Kid from Space". As you can see it's the second chapter "The Metal Man". Produced by Epic Pictures, the serial was made in twelve parts. Interestingly it stars Chad "Rocky" Shore, the Chad was dropped in the later posters [see previous post]. Actually the previous post shows the poster for the European release-which wasn't in serial form but put together as a full movie, this was quite common to edit together serials to make a complete movie.
This poster shows evidence of ageing, it's dis-coloured and creased. Still a good copy though and very, very rare. It looks like most of the series posters will become available to view in the near future, although a few episodes are missing presumed lost.
There's more material to come from the Cody Jet movies as well as more of Rocky Shore in his other movies in the 50s and 60s.


Thursday, 26 June 2008

Dan Dare, Hero with a Square Jaw

Dan Dare at the Science Museum in London. An excellent [but not massive] exhibition that looks at the new technological world of the 1950s that Frank Hampsons creation [from the Eagle comic] reflected. I like the optimistic viewpoint that the imagery has. The future was positive-and Nuclear! This was the atomic age and would solve all our problems [ironically with oil shortages it is coming back] Of course it was part of the post-war rebuilding and obviously people were literally starting again after the horrors of the war. The festival of Britain in 1951 was part of that and I love Abram games work for the festival. Dan Dare was a square jawed hero who would become out dated when the anti-heroes of the 1960s came along, but the boys own heroics and Frank hampsons moral standpoint is something that we could do with today. It was a shame that they never made a film of it-imagine the 1950s retro styling, fantastic!
We could do with heroes like Dan now, but they would probably claim Dan and Digby were gay! I suppose we live in a cynical age and heroes are made in shades of grey and nothing is black and white anymore-apart from Michael jackson of course..


Sunday, 22 June 2008

Classic Film Poster "The Kid from Space"

Just discovered this poster dated 1952 and used for the European release [we think]. This really emphasises Motaman and his part in the success of the movie. Its a bit faded and worn but a beauty anyway-very rare, in fact it was thought that none actually existed!

Monday, 16 June 2008

Rocky Shore is an Alien "The Kid from Space"

Here he is, Rocky Shore a 1950s child actor in his first movie from 1951. "The kid from Space" is about an alien boy who lands on a small farm in the mid-west with his robot friend "Motaman". Rocky stars as "Cody Jet" the space kid and the film shows how Cody fits in [or doesn't] with his neighbours and his new family [who are hypnotised by motaman into thinking Cody is their son].
The film is a classic piece of Cold war sci-fi, looking at the fear and paranoia of the time but it also explores how American society was at that time and shows that maybe we are all a bit weird really and who is to say what is alien and what is not, or as Cody says "Golly jet Motaman but these people are out of this world!".
Believe in Cody Jet, The Kid from Space !
For positive space age imagery look at Chesley Bonestell hed did the concepts, matte paintings and backdrops for Forbidden Planet.

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Retro Blokkhed

I've added a new gallery to the website. Its all about retro imagery, I wanted to explore some more pure 'illustration' that was more figurative than anything I've produced so far. The new images were made over May so its been quick work [for me that is]. I have a few themes that I want to work on and its going to be fun exploring them. The 50s space race and 'modern' design are influences. From Tiki [buy this book by Sven Kirsten, its superb]to the 'atomic age' imagery, I just love it all. A particular character I'm working on is Rocky Shore [or maybe Shaw], I've put him into his first film "The Kid from Space" from 1951 [see website], and I intend doing a series where he appears in different types of movies throughout the 50s-70s. This will allow me to do various types of imagery and styles. How much fun is that?


Monday, 2 June 2008

BLOKKHED. Satan takes a Holiday

Its been too long since I blogged on here. The other life I lead [that is in education, not as a superhero] has taken away most of may, but now that june is with is us I felt it was time to get back to some other work. I'm going to add new galleries to the site soon highlighting some new work. I'm working on various things at present but here's a taste of where I'm going at the moment. That is until I change direction again, which could happen any minute !
Ps I'm not a satanist don't worry. "Satan takes a holiday" is a song title that I liked the sound of.

Sunday, 11 May 2008

BLOKKHED loves Dan Dare

Dan Dare created by Frank Hampson is simply the best. Created in a fascinating era when the space race was beginning and the future didn't seem to be too far away. Go and see the exhibition at the Science Museum in London. It looks at the fifties and the growth of new technologies. Urban redevelopment from pre-fab housing to washing machines and jet planes its a fascinating look at a time period that Dan Dare was created in. The designs Hampson made are wonderful, with true attention to detail. They built detailed models that were then photographed to do the drawings from.
Frank Hampson was "the man who drew tomorrow" [which is an excellent book by the way]

Monday, 28 April 2008

Talking about Giant Robots. Sky Captain

Well I wasn't talking about them but now I am. Just watched 'Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow' again, I followed its promos on the net and saw it at the Empire Leicester Square-a fitting Deco Cinema to see it. Its what you might call a flawed classic. I really see where the director Kerry Conran is coming from. How many influences can you put into a film. King Kong, Hugh Ferris, Lost Horizon, Republic Serials, Pulp novels, The Most Dangerous Game, 1939 New Yorks Worlds fair, Popular Mechanix magazine, Shanghai 1930s, Retro futures, Mechanical Monsters [Fleischer Brothers Superman], the list goes on and on. How great to be able to breathe life into all the things you love then weave them together.
It isn't a great movie as such but it has the vision of someone I can relate to. Visually rich and detailed with little clues to its influences. As I said its a flawed classic, a pastiche but put together honestly and seriously. It should have been better but I'm so glad it exists even in its imperfections. See it if you like the things I've listed, it takes all and more and makes something like a Republic Serial-improbable but fun with a sense of wonder from another age, when mechanical monsters could possibly take over the world....

Monday, 14 April 2008

BLOKKHED. BigHed and LittleHed

Here are Bighed and LittleHed. The names are self explanatory I think, so I won't explain them...
I keep updating the website and amazingly it all works! Something of a challenge doing it all in Flash. I used various ideas from a lot of books and these gave me invaluable ideas for the action script. Actually easier than I thought it would be, so I can recommend it as a way of working. I will be adding new work as and when I develop things further.

Thursday, 3 April 2008

I've added the Bubbles to the side of the website. Bubbles are cute, ugly and evil. Blokkhed is live and developing. Don't forget the home of all things Blokkhed.

Tuesday, 1 April 2008


The Blokkhed website is now functioning. I'm happy with it [for now] but I may well continue to tinker with it. The link is opposite. Its a gallery for my many interests and inspirations. I intend it to be an ongoing and developing project and I may well add more galleries as I go along. The site was made in Flash 8 and I feel quite comfortable with it now. Its nice to have something fluid and I can change things very easily.
In this blog I want to start to explore and talk about things that inspire me. At present I love Mister Miracle by Jack Kirby. In the seventies I only had three of the comics, it was hard in those days to get comics so they seemed really special. It was a fascinating world Kirby created and the Mother Box seemed to something worth having ! The Fourth world seemed a world away from the Marvel stuff [which I loved equally-especially Daredevil] and looking back it was very much part of the early seventies. Slightly hippyish-which I like and not your average superhero comics. I had two Forever people and two New Gods as well so I saw their interconnectedness. He was creating a complete world and I admire that vision-even if he wasn't allowed to complete it. It was something special, very stylish and in short, very, very cool.

Thursday, 27 March 2008


Well finally the website is up and running. There may be teething problems so please be patient. The link is here [] so please take a look. It's the first website I have ever put together and I set myself to construct it in Flash which has been a good learning curve you might say! There are three galleries [at present] and some of those are now available on Alamy. I will be putting more onto Alamy so take a look there as well.
This is turning into a busy month for this Blokkhed. It felt like the time to get things moving and why not do them all at once? I have a full time job [in art education] so this work is an opportunity to remain sane whilst making me learn new things, this benefits myself and my job where I can of course pass on new skills to others.
To me this isn't work, its even more important than that !

Sunday, 23 March 2008


And these are interesting too:
Sky Blue, King Kong, Willis O'Brien, The Metropolis of Tomorrow [Hugh Ferris], Manhattan Transfer, In Cold Blood, The Spirit, The Most Dangerous Game, Quatermass, Jaromir Funke, Mariscal, Daniel Torres, O Winston Link, Josef Sudek, Akira, Edgar Allan Poe...The list goes on and on and on.
There are simply so many things to enjoy and so little time to do it. But it is important to try!
I can't say that everything I like is a direct influence on what I do but they have all at some time or another fascinated me. King Kong was an early one. I got the making of book in 1977 [!] which is a fascinating account of the people who made it, not just a meticulous account of the special effects. The director/producers Merian C. Cooper and Ernest B. Schoedsack were amazing characters in themselves and Willis O'Brien was simply a driven genius. The book is a look into the 1930s movie making process and everything seemed so new and daring. The mystery of the far east [rather like the Indiana Jones films shows-in fact you can see where Spielberg and Lucas were coming from], long sea voyages to uninhabited islands, fog, and strange monsters, what more could you want?


I like/love/inspired by/dream about/read/look at......
Robots, Dystopias, Design, Visual Culture, Illustration, Photography, Noir, Mister X, Forever People, Mister Miracle, Tales of the Mysterious Traveler, Osamu Goods Style, Wired, Monocle, Maxfield Parrish, 2001, Carnivale, The Prisoner, Deco, Gundam Kits, Asus eeepc, Apple, Pulp fiction, The Day the Earth Stood Still, This Island Earth, Planet of the Apes, Bladerunner, Appleseed, Life on Mars.

Thursday, 20 March 2008


The world of Blokkhed is many sided. I am working on many images at the moment. I don't want to put too many on here as I'm going to put them onto the website. I like these simple designs as well as more complex imagery. In short I like everything? probably too many but if you can't please yourself who can you please?
I am a very big fan of retro-future designs. I would have loved to be at the New York Worlds Fair 1939, especially Futurama, not the excellent cartoon but the original exhibit showing the 'future'. Films such as Conquest of Space, Things to Come and Metropolis are of the future but so very much a part of the era they were made in. Beautiful design and visionary about what seemed to be mostly a 'positive' future. Well Metropolis wasn't too positive, but these sort of films were made just before we became cynical about the future. When did it stop being a brave new world that we were heading towards?
Taschen produced a wonderful book called 'Future Perfect' with a great collection of adverts and covers from magazines with flying cars, monorails, domestic robots, videophones and gigantic aircraft. delicious stuff bursting with 30s-50s style. It was that time when dreams could still possibly become a reality.

Thursday, 13 March 2008


Slowly but surely the Blokkhed website is coming together. This particular designer has previously taken his time, but feels it is now time to get things rolling along. I have loads of influences and inspirations, more than the links show. I recently got into Gundam robots. I'm a late convert to this sort of thing. But I have always loved bots of some sort. From Robbie the Robot to Gort and Robot in Lost in Space, Robots of some sort have always been interesting. My own Robot-from now on the Blokkbot, came about as an adaption of earlier work-this is all going to be on the website so take a look when its live. The new head design looked like it should be a robot so I designed the rest of him. Theres a lot more work to be done so I'll keep at it.
I'm looking forward to more posting and linking you to the website. Anyway, take a look at Fornasetti, Orbital Manga [great for Gundam kits and all sorts of lovely stuff], check out Coolhunter-it really is !
Logging off for now, BLOKKHED.

Saturday, 8 March 2008


Hey Blokkhed indeed. Blokkhed comes in all shapes and sizes, just like the rest of us. The website is coming along fine and now I'm looking for a good webhost. Unitedhosting sound good so if anyone has good things to say about them let me know. This blog [and blogging] is new for this Blokkhed, so I'll try to update as and when possible. The website itself has taken up a lot of time and what with other commitments its a struggle sometimes to fit it all in but I'm trying !

Wednesday, 5 March 2008


Blokkhed is many different styles of imagemaking. From Illustration to phography to 3D design. I have lots of influences and this work is an opportunity to explore them. Above is the Blokkhed logo [or one of them at least] and an illustration as part of the work in progress. Who, or what is Blokkhed? He's a sort of Robot and there is more of him to come.

WIREMEN by Blokkhed

As well as illustration Blokkhed is photography and photo-imaging. I originally started in photography but was always interested in other work. Heroes for me ranged from Ray Harryhausen and Douglas Trumbull to Ansel Adams. Now it is possible to realise ideas that weren't possible years ago and it is great fun for me to explore those ideas now. What a great time it is for creativity. As I said in the first post, Blokkhed will be a full website where I can showcase my work. Blokkhed is a sort of brand and a way of combining my quite disparate work. I like variety and I never seem to get around to finishing things and as I am something of a Blokkhed myself it seemed to fit as a name.

Saturday, 1 March 2008


This is where Blokkhed starts. It should soon be a full flash website with galleries. It is a number of styles of illustration, design, characters and photo-imaging. This blog will be the diary and a space for extra work. Blokkhed is a work in progress and a personal project that allows me to explore a number of ideas and as such is an ongoing project. The website should appear this month. Blokkhed is the work of matthew chattle.