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Monday, 28 April 2008

Talking about Giant Robots. Sky Captain

Well I wasn't talking about them but now I am. Just watched 'Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow' again, I followed its promos on the net and saw it at the Empire Leicester Square-a fitting Deco Cinema to see it. Its what you might call a flawed classic. I really see where the director Kerry Conran is coming from. How many influences can you put into a film. King Kong, Hugh Ferris, Lost Horizon, Republic Serials, Pulp novels, The Most Dangerous Game, 1939 New Yorks Worlds fair, Popular Mechanix magazine, Shanghai 1930s, Retro futures, Mechanical Monsters [Fleischer Brothers Superman], the list goes on and on. How great to be able to breathe life into all the things you love then weave them together.
It isn't a great movie as such but it has the vision of someone I can relate to. Visually rich and detailed with little clues to its influences. As I said its a flawed classic, a pastiche but put together honestly and seriously. It should have been better but I'm so glad it exists even in its imperfections. See it if you like the things I've listed, it takes all and more and makes something like a Republic Serial-improbable but fun with a sense of wonder from another age, when mechanical monsters could possibly take over the world....

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