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Tuesday, 1 April 2008


The Blokkhed website is now functioning. I'm happy with it [for now] but I may well continue to tinker with it. The link is opposite. Its a gallery for my many interests and inspirations. I intend it to be an ongoing and developing project and I may well add more galleries as I go along. The site was made in Flash 8 and I feel quite comfortable with it now. Its nice to have something fluid and I can change things very easily.
In this blog I want to start to explore and talk about things that inspire me. At present I love Mister Miracle by Jack Kirby. In the seventies I only had three of the comics, it was hard in those days to get comics so they seemed really special. It was a fascinating world Kirby created and the Mother Box seemed to something worth having ! The Fourth world seemed a world away from the Marvel stuff [which I loved equally-especially Daredevil] and looking back it was very much part of the early seventies. Slightly hippyish-which I like and not your average superhero comics. I had two Forever people and two New Gods as well so I saw their interconnectedness. He was creating a complete world and I admire that vision-even if he wasn't allowed to complete it. It was something special, very stylish and in short, very, very cool.

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