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Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Robot. Gort. Cinema 4D. 3D. Blokkhed

This is the 3D design for my Robot, I've shown the mesh and the final colours and lighting, he's only got three fingers and a thumb [well three was enough for Mickey]. He started as an experiment in using Cinema 4D, which I have found to be an excellent tool. Its intuitive and you can work quickly and get results. It was certainly a learning curve working in 3D. Working out joints and modeling and materials and lighting all are fascinating. It might look like it was inspired by Iron Man, actually he wasn't, if anything Gort from "The Day the Earth Stood Still" was a [sub-conscious] inspiration. This work got me into looking at Japanese Gundam, which I had never seen before [or really taken much notice of]. This was an eye opener to see just how much there is going on in that Mecha world. I've even bought a number of the kits, from Orbital Manga and Gundammad [something I hadn't touched for 30 yrs] which have been fun to work with. I'll be posting more of this "BlokkBot" as he is known in my house. I haven't worked on him for a while because of the more recent work, but there's actually a lot more to look at so it will be good to put it out here. July and August saw me producing completely new work [see previous] and its good to have all these styles on the go, even if some things get put to one side a little too often..


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