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Thursday, 20 March 2008


The world of Blokkhed is many sided. I am working on many images at the moment. I don't want to put too many on here as I'm going to put them onto the website. I like these simple designs as well as more complex imagery. In short I like everything? probably too many but if you can't please yourself who can you please?
I am a very big fan of retro-future designs. I would have loved to be at the New York Worlds Fair 1939, especially Futurama, not the excellent cartoon but the original exhibit showing the 'future'. Films such as Conquest of Space, Things to Come and Metropolis are of the future but so very much a part of the era they were made in. Beautiful design and visionary about what seemed to be mostly a 'positive' future. Well Metropolis wasn't too positive, but these sort of films were made just before we became cynical about the future. When did it stop being a brave new world that we were heading towards?
Taschen produced a wonderful book called 'Future Perfect' with a great collection of adverts and covers from magazines with flying cars, monorails, domestic robots, videophones and gigantic aircraft. delicious stuff bursting with 30s-50s style. It was that time when dreams could still possibly become a reality.

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