Blokkhed Animation

Thursday, 27 March 2008


Well finally the website is up and running. There may be teething problems so please be patient. The link is here [] so please take a look. It's the first website I have ever put together and I set myself to construct it in Flash which has been a good learning curve you might say! There are three galleries [at present] and some of those are now available on Alamy. I will be putting more onto Alamy so take a look there as well.
This is turning into a busy month for this Blokkhed. It felt like the time to get things moving and why not do them all at once? I have a full time job [in art education] so this work is an opportunity to remain sane whilst making me learn new things, this benefits myself and my job where I can of course pass on new skills to others.
To me this isn't work, its even more important than that !

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