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Thursday, 13 March 2008


Slowly but surely the Blokkhed website is coming together. This particular designer has previously taken his time, but feels it is now time to get things rolling along. I have loads of influences and inspirations, more than the links show. I recently got into Gundam robots. I'm a late convert to this sort of thing. But I have always loved bots of some sort. From Robbie the Robot to Gort and Robot in Lost in Space, Robots of some sort have always been interesting. My own Robot-from now on the Blokkbot, came about as an adaption of earlier work-this is all going to be on the website so take a look when its live. The new head design looked like it should be a robot so I designed the rest of him. Theres a lot more work to be done so I'll keep at it.
I'm looking forward to more posting and linking you to the website. Anyway, take a look at Fornasetti, Orbital Manga [great for Gundam kits and all sorts of lovely stuff], check out Coolhunter-it really is !
Logging off for now, BLOKKHED.

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