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Monday, 16 June 2008

Rocky Shore is an Alien "The Kid from Space"

Here he is, Rocky Shore a 1950s child actor in his first movie from 1951. "The kid from Space" is about an alien boy who lands on a small farm in the mid-west with his robot friend "Motaman". Rocky stars as "Cody Jet" the space kid and the film shows how Cody fits in [or doesn't] with his neighbours and his new family [who are hypnotised by motaman into thinking Cody is their son].
The film is a classic piece of Cold war sci-fi, looking at the fear and paranoia of the time but it also explores how American society was at that time and shows that maybe we are all a bit weird really and who is to say what is alien and what is not, or as Cody says "Golly jet Motaman but these people are out of this world!".
Believe in Cody Jet, The Kid from Space !
For positive space age imagery look at Chesley Bonestell hed did the concepts, matte paintings and backdrops for Forbidden Planet.

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