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Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Retro Blokkhed

I've added a new gallery to the website. Its all about retro imagery, I wanted to explore some more pure 'illustration' that was more figurative than anything I've produced so far. The new images were made over May so its been quick work [for me that is]. I have a few themes that I want to work on and its going to be fun exploring them. The 50s space race and 'modern' design are influences. From Tiki [buy this book by Sven Kirsten, its superb]to the 'atomic age' imagery, I just love it all. A particular character I'm working on is Rocky Shore [or maybe Shaw], I've put him into his first film "The Kid from Space" from 1951 [see website], and I intend doing a series where he appears in different types of movies throughout the 50s-70s. This will allow me to do various types of imagery and styles. How much fun is that?


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