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Thursday, 26 June 2008

Dan Dare, Hero with a Square Jaw

Dan Dare at the Science Museum in London. An excellent [but not massive] exhibition that looks at the new technological world of the 1950s that Frank Hampsons creation [from the Eagle comic] reflected. I like the optimistic viewpoint that the imagery has. The future was positive-and Nuclear! This was the atomic age and would solve all our problems [ironically with oil shortages it is coming back] Of course it was part of the post-war rebuilding and obviously people were literally starting again after the horrors of the war. The festival of Britain in 1951 was part of that and I love Abram games work for the festival. Dan Dare was a square jawed hero who would become out dated when the anti-heroes of the 1960s came along, but the boys own heroics and Frank hampsons moral standpoint is something that we could do with today. It was a shame that they never made a film of it-imagine the 1950s retro styling, fantastic!
We could do with heroes like Dan now, but they would probably claim Dan and Digby were gay! I suppose we live in a cynical age and heroes are made in shades of grey and nothing is black and white anymore-apart from Michael jackson of course..


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